Ohio's Most Unique Music Festival: The Washboard Music Festival

Welcome to Ohio's Most Unique Music Festival

The Washboard Music Festival is a 3 day extravaganza held in the streets of small town America.

The festival's focus is on celebrating the enduring role the washboard has had on American music styles. The annual festival provides wholesome, family entertainment. You can enjoy the foot-tappin' styles of Dixieland Jazz, Jug Music and Cajun Zydeco, played by bands from all around the country, while you enjoy great food, browse the streets filled with quality craft vendors and enjoy the many special events, including our festive Saturday evening parade, Sunday's classic car show, clog dancers and many more.  For the kids, we have an entire city block of rides, games and live entertainment.

Tour the Columbus Washboard Company, the last manufacturer of washboards in the country and home of the WORLD'S LARGEST WASHBOARD!

For more from the past, enjoy our magnificent Quilt Show at the Bowen House, featuring the quilts of Quilts 'n More Quilt Guild of Adams County, founders of The Adams County Quilt Barn Tour, and check out Wedding Gowns Through the Ages, at the Hocking County Historical Society.

So kick off the Ohio summer festival season by visiting Ohio's Most Unique Music Festival, and begin an annual Father's Day tradition, in Logan, Ohio.


Mission Statement

Based on the unique theme of the enduring washboard, the annual International Washboard Festival provides wholesome entertainment, focusing on great music, good food, regional arts and crafts, children's activities, educational events and marvelous fun for the whole family.

Our vision is to become the major kickoff event of the Ohio festival season.


About The Ohio Washboard Music Festival


Every year, on Father’s Day weekend, the downtown streets of Logan, Ohio come alive with the celebration of the washboard, as a musical instrument.  Logan is the home of the Columbus Washboard Company, only remaining washboard manufacturing company in the U.S.

Washboards continue to be used as instruments of laundry-day in some parts of the world, and they add decorative value to many homes.  But,  this artifact of the ages is more known as the source of that toe-tappin’ rhythm coming from Jug bands and Dixieland groups throughout the country.

It all began in rural America around mid-1800’s, where music was a center- piece of family entertainment, but money was scarce.  So, the washboard, an empty jug, along with a stick and string attached to metal tub turned upside down, became the backwoods answer to Saturday Night at Carnegie Hall.

Modified to form a “vest” that hangs from the shoulders, that same raspy sound of energy also became the source of rhythm for Cajun music throughout the Bayou.

Welcome to Logan, heart of the beautiful Hocking Hills and enjoy Ohio’s Most Unique Music Festival.


Events Listing For 2003


Featured Musicians and Washboard Players (click on band name to visit web site)

Juggernaut Jug band

Big Mama Sue Chris & Alen

The Buffalo Ridge Jazz Band

The Boondockers

Sister Jean & Laundry Fats

Larry Nager and William Lee Ellis

Toll House Jazz Band

Athens Dixieland Jazz Band


                        Fund Raisers For This Years Event


The Buffalo Ridge Jazz Band

Will be the backup band again and are to be applauded for their patience with the antics of the washboard players and their different styles of making music with their washboards.

The Olive Garden Kitchen Band

This Lancaster, Ohio band will also be on hand to entertain you at the washboard factory and will ride in the Saturday parade.

Slim Harrison is a very versatile entertainer and plays many instruments as well as a mean washboard. He will alternate between how to make a Stump-Fiddle in the children's area, and the Washboard Company, follow him for an experience you will enjoy and remember.

The Heritage Minstrels

Performing at our 5 music tents at various locations around the city for everyone’s enjoyment. They will dress for the late 1800's and will stop in front of area merchant's storefronts to entertain festival visitors. This is a very well known trio from Tiffin, Ohio.

The Wrecking Crew

Bill Baily, David Devaull and Jack MacIntosh joined us at the 2002 festival and we decided to hire them for 2003 as they have a unique style of entertaining children. They will be performing at our 5 music tents at various locations to entertain their many followers. Everyone will enjoy their enthusiam and versatility.

Michael on guitar and Rebecca with "Cosmo" the washboard

This Missouri duo and simply amazing! Rebecca's 45 lb washboard will amaze everyone as she utilizes the varous instruments attached all over it.

"Stages On Main"

There will be 4 music tents on Main street with a 5th at the Bowen House. We encourage everyone to enjoy the new "Stages On Main" located under the blue canopies!



About The International Wash Board Festival


The Festival's Activities

The annual International Washboard Festival opens the second week of June, with a welcoming parade featuring classic cars, antique tractors and visiting musicians. The three day event is a street fair with live music and kiddie rides held in the streets of downtown Logan Ohio.

The festival's focus is on the beautiful Hocking Hills region, the arts & crafts, & the music has made it a huge success enjoyed by all ages. The highlight of the festival is the performances of the many jazz & blues bands from across the country. Each band features a washboard musician, performing in lively continuous concerts through out the festival.

Musicians will entertain you on the main stage as well as in 5 smaller music tents. Each year we are adding more music and vendors for your enjoyment.

Enjoy Home town hospitality in a historic small town. Visit Garden Accents of Logan Clay Products where you will find durable fired clay products for your house and garden. Or take a factory tour of the Columbus Washboard Company, the only operating washboard manufacturer in the United States!