Come To The International Washboard Festival

Come To The International Washboard Festival

The International Washboard Festival for 2015 is to be held in Logan, Ohio from June 18 through June 20, 2015. It is now actually called the Washboard Music Festival, which is a simpler name to remember.

The festival changed its name for the purposes of marketing the event, which more aptly describes the major emphasis of the event. They will also offer coupon codes to get into the festival cheaper.

For 2014 there are 14 bands lined up for the musical entertainment portion of the festival. The bands are Arnett Howard, The Jack, The Juggernaut Jug Band, The Jake Leg Stompers, The Hobos, Lone Raven, Sweet Funk, Bill Bailey (Uncle Willie), Fun Bunch Cloggers, Kaye Wade, Sister Jean, The Sodbusters, and Buckles and Boots. The music is expected to be especially good this year due to our bands that have agreed to play.

The spectacular auction is scheduled to take place on Thursday, June 12 at the main stage at 7pm. There have been many donations generally given by the community and there are many very desirable items, so people will need to show up early to look over the items so they will know how to bid.

You will not want to miss the quilt show at the Bowen House on June 14th and 15th from noon to 5pm. You will not want to miss the Hocking Valley Quilt Guild as they are showing their fantastic quilts. The show is from Noon until 5 pm and the admission is FREE.

Once again the festival offers FREE entertainment and amusement rides for children and all people who visit the children’s area. There are some very generous donors who have made this possible and the children always have a good time in this area. This is a festival for families and the free area makes it possible. Grandpa Crachet will be available to provide children’s entertainment and there will even be bigger rides for the older children too.

The Sixth Yearly Tractor and Hit and Miss Engine show will start on Saturday, June the 14th at 9am until right after the parade. This will be held at the Hocking County Courthouse parking lot.

The food vendors have expanded in number, so there will be plenty in the way of places and varieties of food to keep everyone full and happy.

You certainly do not want to miss the Washboard Music Festival Car Show which will be held Friday, June 13 from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The address is 14 Gallagher Ave, in Logan. The proceeds from the car show go to Whisker Animal Welfare.

Don’t miss this year’s festival as this year will be the best one yet!

Head To The International Washboard Festival This Year

Head To The International Washboard Festival This Year


Get your summer off to a great start. Put a visit to Logan, Ohio on your vacation to do list. Each Father’s Day weekend, this little town in the beautiful hill region of Ohio makes itself known to visitors from around the country. They all head to the International Washboard Festival.

The washboard has long been used as a musical instrument in America. The tradition began in the mid-1800s when rural families needed a form of entertainment. The washboard only needed to be attached to a metal bucket and strung together with string along a stick to make a perfectly useful musical instrument. It quickly became a popular instrument which could be played in a manner that created a myriad of sound.

In Logan, the last remaining washboard maker, The Columbus Washboard Company, exists, so it is the most fitting location for such a festival, where musicians of all kinds demonstrate their talents playing the washboard in true Dixieland and Jug Band style. These days, even contemporary music is heard coming from washboards and their players at the festival.

The list of rosters is huge, so there is virtually not a moment during the festival weekend where the beautiful sounds of washboard music won’t be heard. For the kids, there are rides and other activities. Chris the “Balloon Guy” is a popular attraction for the kids as well as Grandpa Cratchett. The children will also enjoy being wowed by magician, Gordon Russ.

There is plenty to eat at the International Washboard Festival, and food vendors are as varied and as numerous as the bands that are scheduled to play. This summer, head on over to Ohio’s Most Unique Music Festival. There are plenty of hotel accommodations to choose from, or you can choose to “rough it” in a nearby cabin.

Check Out The International Washboard Festival This Year

Check Out The International Washboard Festival This Year

People from around the world will flock to Ohio this year for yet another Washboard Music Festival. Enjoy vibrant music while strolling around and taking in the unique arts and crafts that will be available from authentic Appalachian artists.

Ohio is the last place where authentic washboards, typically used to scrub laundry, are still made. This is the your only chance to see washboards being played for an entire weekend of fun and food.

Be sure to visit the Washboard Music festival’s website to register early if you wish to show off your crafts, or if you wish to become a vendor at the popular Logan, Ohio festival. You can also enter their one-of-a-kind Tractor Show there.

You will enjoy a long list of talented musical guests, a fun parade and a car show. Bring your appetite, too, as there are going to be plenty of vendors selling delectable foods.

Be sure to check out the website for all the latest lineups of musical guests including the star of the festival, Arnett Howard. Your kids will enjoy the music, but if they need to see and do more, there are going to be magic shows and balloon twisters galore. There will be amusement rides, too.

All children’s events and rides are provided free, so do not miss out. Sponsors from the town of Logan have donated time and materials to make everything possible, including the unique barrel train ride that passes along the local streets.

Your kids will appreciate getting a chance to see the famous Old Coot, Grandpa Cratchett. He is sure to make all the youngsters laugh, and he may even make their parents smile, as well. He has been a staple of this nearly decade long festival, which is dedicated to the Dixieland, Jug Band percussion sounds that good, old-fashioned washboards make when they are played just right.

Visitors will want to make travel arrangements as soon as possible. There are plenty of accommodations near Logan in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. Athens, Ohio has many low-to-moderately priced hotels and motels, and you can easily rent a car in this college town. To make your trip a memorable one, consider renting a nearby cabin.

Get ready for the excitement, music, food and crafts that make the Washboard Music Festival, Ohio’s unique event. Mark your calendars now to attend the event this Father’s Day weekend.

Looking Forward To The International Washboard Music Festival

Looking Forward To The International Washboard Music Festival

A friend of mine told me about a music festival that of a whole new different kind. This music festival is performed by people playing on old-time washboards. Yes, these are the old wooden washboards that you see in old movies that look like window shutters. You may a sound by strumming the slats. Different size and length of washboards would make different sounds. If you have the right sizes paired up, you can make some harmony.

I have seen that type of music performance on TV, but I have a chance to attend a live performance. This festival that my friend told me about is going to be in Ohio, not far from where I live. She plans to go. She said that it is going to be down-home fun, with food vendors, kids play areas, and local crafts people selling their stuff. It would just be like a county fair.

I remember my grandmother used to have washboard like that. The design of the board made it very tempting to just strum on it. I used to make so much noise on it that my mother had to tell me to stop. But I would go around strumming it and singing too. My grandmother did not mind.

I guess washboard music is really a serious business. When it is done right, it can sound pretty good. You just have to get the right kind of musicians together and pair the washboards with other types of instruments. There is really nothing that can compare to it.

I have seen picture of a lot of washboards that the performers used in previous concerts. Some of the washboards looked really good. The wore them around their necks so the board lies on the chest, and the musicians just strum along. Some performers really decked out their international washboard festival to be a work of art. I have seen pictures of wooden ones and plastic ones. I suppose that would produce different types of sounds that will blend in.

I wonder if you can take music lessons playing washboards? There can be a whole industry around that. I bet if I go to that concert, I can find vendors selling washboards to the would-be musician. Maybe I will look for one. Too bad I do not have my grandmother’s washboard any more, or I would bring that along and play it.

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